Life University Marketing

Strategic Marketing & Campaigns

The Marketing Department has a combined 70+ years of experience with strategic marketing and getting your message out to various audiences. Therein lies the key element and is the first question often asked – “Whom are we trying to reach with this message?” Whether it’s a comprehensive campaign involving multiple media, multiple audiences, over a long time frame; or a small event, marketed to a single audience, via a single medium, for one day, the Marketing Department has a solution for you.

  • Multiple Marketing Channel Coordination
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Concept Development

Design & Print

This means having the ability to come up with genius headlines and concepts or devise a color scheme that meshes together burnt umber and Tahitian bronze – you might not ever consider putting those two colors together, but a graphic artist would, and the end result is amazing.

Above all, the Marketing Department is tasked with maintaining and protecting the LIFE “brand.” This means that, overall, our designs and concepts have a certain look and feel. It’s not enough to simply slap the LIFE logo onto a Google image and say, “Let’s go with this.” The Marketing Department is happy to design a concept for you that will meet all your needs and expectations, which will still fall within the parameters of the LIFE “brand.”

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Advertising
  • Direct Mail/Brochures
  • Promotional Materials
  • Publication Revisions & Reprints
  • Banners
  • Tickets

Web Development

Marketing will work with you to ensure that your marketing efforts reach those areas of the Web that make sense for your campaign. This might mean a simple web page or microsite, registering a domain or developing a form to gather and organize inputted data. We will present to you your options, make suggestions and help you to make the right decision.

Moreover, the entire Marketing Department will be accessible to help determine if other marketing tools and avenues would benefit you.

  • Microsite Development
  • Integration with
  • Event Registration Integration – CVENT
  • Blog Sites
  • Domain Registration
  • Analytics


Everyone has a Flip camera or even just a good phone that can capture a moment and distribute it via Facebook and YouTube, but true videography is an art form that should not be discounted or overlooked simply because you have a device that can capture video. A good video is one that has elements like a steady camera, proper lighting, audible sound that matches the video, clean editing and, above all, is “tagged” properly with the LIFE brand.

We understand that some videos are specifically intended to look “organic” or “amateur” in nature, but for a big event, historic occasion or speaker, you will want to have your video professionally done. The Marketing Department employs a wide variety of freelance videographers who will capture your event and deliver a professional product that will look impressive and, in turn, make your department/organization look good.

  • Complete Video Production
  • Short Interviews and Clips
  • Event Coverage & Recording
  • Video Editing
  • Packaging & Distribution Services
  • Duplicating Services


Phones have become so advanced that it seems everyone fancies himself as a “photog.” However, good photography considers angle, background, lighting, exposure and more. While you might be able to capture that perfect sunset with your iPhone, when it comes to documenting important events and occasions, you will want to have a professional photographer on site to capture it.

The Marketing Department employs a wide variety of freelance photographers who will capture your event and deliver a professional product that will look impressive and, in turn, reflect well on your department/organization.

  • Event Coverage
  • Archival Requests
  • Portraiture
  • Photo Editing & Touchup
  • Headshots
  • Department or Team Pictures

Social Media

It’s clear that Social Media is big and that it’s here to stay. What’s less clear is which Social Media channels are relevant to your promotional efforts. And, after you’ve chosen your channels, how do you use them to market your department? How often should you post? What is the impression others have if you do not post often? How do you handle negative comments?

Let the Marketing Department help you decide these and other important Social Media questions.

  • Setting Up a Social Media Site
  • Helping to Post Initial Content
  • Social Media Management
  • Branding
  • Social Media Consultation

Editorial & Publications

The Marketing Department generates multiple publications for disseminating information. These range from magazines with nationwide circulation to weekly email blasts to a specific audience on campus, and many vehicles in between. Just like our logo and color palette, Life University has a specific editorial style that must be observed. It is important that everything coming from Life University in any official capacity adheres to the LIFE style guidelines and is approved by the Marketing Department. For the most part, the style conforms to accepted “AP Style” guidelines, but there are a few instances where we have an official University style that supersedes AP Style. The Marketing Department is happy to look over your story, letter, flyer, ad copy, etc. and edit it according to our style guidelines, all while having it back to you in a short time.

Additionally, we are always looking for human interest stories about our students, faculty, staff, alumni and more. We feature these pieces in multiple outlets for publication. These stories all combine to make up our collective LIFE story, and uncovering these hidden gems on and off campus to share with the community goes a long way in getting our University the publicity it needs and deserves.

  • Editorial & Content Development
  • Press Releases
  • Content Editing
  • Publications Submissions
  • Interviewing
  • Individual Profiles

Event Planning

Another aspect of our LIFE brand is that of Special Event Services. We strive to have every component exceed its potential and enhance what is the Life University brand. As a part of Creative Communications, the University provides you with individuals who are trained to plan and execute special events. If you are planning an event on campus, contact Marketing for assistance. Please have answers to the following steps before your meeting with us:

  • What is the goal of your event?
  • What is the best date and time options for your event (have more than one)?
  • What is the estimated number of attendees?
  • Are there any catering needs?
  • What is your budget for this event?
  • What is your preferred venue (indoor/outdoor) and type of set-up style (classroom, theater, cocktail, U-shape, etc.)?
  • What campus services do you need for your event (parking signs, security, audio-visual, photography, marketing, printed materials)?

Our events team can then assist you with details for your event and review event policies and procedures with you to ensure your event is a success for your group and the University.

  • Registration Planning & Facilitation
  • Event Advertising & Promotion
  • Facility Arrangement
  • Guest Services
  • Event Collaterals
  • Food & Entertainment


Nothing draws the eye to a display table or guests to an event like the promise of SWAG. SWAG (or “stuff we all get”) can be t-shirts, water bottles, pens, tote bags, blankets or other branded items. We use SWAG to attract a crowd at an event, provide an incentive for a team or keep Life University in the minds of potential students. Best yet, when people use or wear our SWAG, they automatically become brand ambassadors for LIFE.

Our marketing professionals serve as the stewards of SWAG. Whatever your marketing needs, drop us a line with the details below. With an outline of your goals and your budgetary details, we’ll have you decked out in no time.

Promotional & Special Event SWAG

Do you have an upcoming event and are looking for eye-catching items to give out as gifts or prizes? Whether it’s fun goodie bag fillers or colorful T-shirts, we’ll brainstorm ideas and help you select the perfect products to spread your message. Fill out a marketing request form with details about the type of event you’re hosting, numbers of items you’ll need, specific SWAG you have in mind and your budget and budget code for this request. We’ll brainstorm the best options for you and make sure to find the SWAG best suited to your event.

Department/Team SWAG

Want to reward your department or team with University garb they can proudly sport around campus? Fill out a marketing request form with details about any specific SWAG ideas you have in mind, numbers of items you’ll need and your budget and budget code for this request. We will ensure everyone is outfitted in the latest LIFE apparel!