LIFE University
Marketing & Brand Standards

In order to continue this mission, it is imperative to Life University that it has the strongest, most cohesive brand presence in its marketplace. In order to accomplish this, great care has been dedicated to managing, protecting and influencing how and where this brand is used. In the following pages, an abridged set of rules, instructions and explanations will help dictate and guide you on when and how to best use the Life University brand in ways that will ultimately help increase recognition, prestige and loyalty. It is with great honor and pride that we share the following with you.

As brand ambassadors of Life University, we sincerely request that you do your part when positioning Life University in any visual or written communications. We expect the current look and feel to be upheld throughout all channels and media so that the integrity of the brand is realized both on campus, in the community and throughout the nation. What we have here at Life University is special; so let us all maximize that potential by working together to stay on brand and unified in our verbal and non-verbal communications.

LIFE University
Email Signatures

On behalf of the Life University Marketing Team, we are providing these resources to assist you in easily updating your email signature to align with the brand standards of our University. We hope that this information will aid in getting these changes made to your email signatures as soon as possible. All faculty and staff who are still using the LIFE logo with the swoosh, please remove from your signature and use the following version instead.

Copy & Paste Directly Into Your Signature

Your Name
Your Title
1269 Barclay Circle, Marietta, GA 30060
P: 123-456-7890   F: 123-456-7890 | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Signature Breakdown

The following breakdown can be used to manually create your signature within your email client or a text editor such as Microsoft Word.


LIFE University
Brand Standards

Logos, Colors & Typography

The following series of brandmarks represent the visual passports of Life University. These marks visually represent the University, and when viewed, often will evoke an emotional feeling or connection to the brand. These marks have been crafted to reflect the purpose and philosophy of Life University and have been constructed in an overarching family for familiarity across brand and ease of integration.

LIFE University Logos

The primary Life University brandmark is a typeset wordmark set in Life University Green. The wordmark consists of LIFE in all capital letters written in a modified version of Trajan Pro. The mark pays tribute to the original set of Life University brandmarks by continuing to be set in the instantly recognizable Trajan Pro typeface. Slight adjustments have been made to the kerning, coloring and weight of the mark to maximize readability, retention and visual aesthetic.

Life University’s primary brandmark is defined as bold, professional and enduring.

The Life University brandmark cannot be broken down into anything less than the full mark.

Life University’s athletic program is represented by the Running Eagles wordmark and Eagle head mascot. This combination may be used in tandem, or separated out as a stand alone mascot and/or typography treatment. There are four combinations of wordmarks that can be combined with the Eagle head mascot depending on preference and placement usage.

1. LIFE UNIVERSITY/Running Eagles
3. RUNNING EAGLES/Life University

The athletic Eagle head mascot/typography is defined dedicated, fierce and swift.

The Life University College of Chiropractic secondary brandmark is used in specific situations when the desire is to highlight and elevate Life University’s chiropractic program. This mark can be set in Life University Green or reversed in white.

The Life University College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies secondary brandmark is used in specific situations when the desire is to highlight and elevate Life University’s Undergraduate and Graduate programs. This mark  can be set in Life University Green or reversed in white.

The Life University Alumni & Friends secondary brandmark is used in specific situations when the desire is to highlight and elevate Life University’s Alumni Department.  This mark can be set in Life University Green and reversed in white.

Color Palette

LIFE’s brand color palette reflects the colors that make up our earth — the only known planet in our universe that can support life. We have chosen our colors to mimic the natural blues of the sky and sea, greens of the grass and forest and yellow as our lone energy source. Each color evokes a certain emotional response that that has been studied carefully and selected to match the foundational core and philosophy of Life University.

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors

Life University Green

A modern interpretation of the traditional LIFE Green. Defined as: vibrant, modern and fresh.

Pantone: 375 C

CMYK: 46, 0, 100, 0

Hex: #97c93c


A complimentary color to LIFE Green. Defined as: powerful, elegant and strong.

Pantone: Black C

CMYK: 67, 64, 67, 70

Hex: #2a2623


Historically tied to Life University. Defined as: natural, healing and harmonious

Pantone: 3435 C

CMYK: 86, 45, 79, 49

Hex: #144733


A complimentary color to Life Green and Black. Defined as: approachable, calm and reflective

Pantone: 544 C

CMYK: 27, 10, 5, 0

Hex: #b6cfe1


Added to bring energy, Vitalism and excitement to the brand Defined as: intelligent, energetic and warm.

Pantone: Yellow C

CMYK: 2, 9, 100, 0

Hex: #fddc00

LIFE University Typography

Life University has three distinct typographic interpretations representing different variations of the Life University brand. It is imperative that each typeface lives in the appropriate environment to increase brand awareness and retention while negating any cross channel confusion or brand degradation.

Trajan Pro

Trajan Pro

The official typeface of Life University. It is represented in the primary brandmark and in selected areas of the website and printed collateral. This typeface is used primarily for headers and lead-ins. Body copy is not recommended to be displayed in Trajan Pro.

Trajan is an old style serif typeface designed in 1989 by Carol Twombly for Adobe. The design is based on the letterforms of Roman square capitals, as used for the inscription at the base of Trajan’s Column from which the typeface takes its name. Since the inscription and its writing form manifests in only one case, Trajan is an all-capitals typeface. Instead, small caps are commonly used for their lowercase brothers and sisters.

PT Sans


The official website typeface and common content copy.

PT Sans is a Grotesque, Humanist sans serif font designed by Aleksandra Korolkova. Known for its flexibility and ability for character expansion, PT Sans comes in a variety of weights and cadences and is most effective when mixing sizes and weights within the typeface.



The official Life University Athletics font.

Rex is a modern font family with three weights: light, bold and bold inline. It’s an all caps font that includes differences between the capital variations and their lower case counterparts. This font is modern, collegiate and represents the ambition of the Life University Athletic Department.

The Rex Force version of this typeface was proudly worn by the United States Men’s National Team at the 2014 World Cup.

LIFE University
Style Guide

The Life University Marketing Department, in accordance with the Executive Office, has established a University-wide standard for all forms of internal and external communication. The Life University Style Guide addresses common grammatical and stylistic issues as well as University-specific usage. It is intended to enable all faculty and staff to communicate in a professional, consistent manner within the institution and especially when communicating with external constituents and media outlets.

University Name

Always capitalize both words: “Life University.” When you want to shorten the University name, use the full name first followed by the shortened version in parentheses, in all caps: “Life University (LIFE).” Then use “LIFE” (NOT “Life”) from that point onward: Welcome to Life University (LIFE). We hope you will enjoy your visit to LIFE’s campus.

This style also applies to any University acronyms:
Center for Health and Optimum Performance (C-HOP), Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), and Sport Health Science (SHS). Capitalize “University” when using the phrase “the University” in reference to LIFE: One of the major goals of the University is to adopt an official style guide.


Life University email addresses are capitalized as shown: for faculty and staff for students



Common URLs used by Life University are formatted and capitalized as follows:

  •—main website homepage
  •—LIFEforce website
  •—Life University Alumni & Friends website

or Comments?

For any additional questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Life University Marketing Department at or view the Life University Marketing page.